President’s Message 06/06/2022

For the past year, the ACER-CART Executive and committees have been working actively on seniors’ issues. Growing familiarity with the Zoom platform has enabled us to meet effectively while avoiding prohibitive travel expenses. However, we were very glad to finally be able to get together in Ottawa for our AGM, albeit with some restrictions to minimize the Covid risk.

For the past two years, ACER-CART’s main priority has been advocating for the development and implementation of a National Seniors’ Strategy. Within that, we have focused our efforts on the provision of support to enable seniors to remain in their own homes, where they have an environment that is comfortable and familiar, and they can maintain their independence and control their daily lives. We need to follow the examples of other countries that have redirected funds from expensive long-term care homes into providing the resources for people to age at home in their own communities.

A second major priority has been focusing on the protection and enhancement of pension programs. The ability to have a guaranteed and sufficient retirement income is essential for seniors to age with security and dignity.

More information will be posted on this website to keep you informed and help you to participate in our efforts to raise awareness and support changes to how we in Canada can support all seniors to live their best lives.

Martin Higgs