Committees shall:

  • receive and act on proposals and referrals from the Board and the Executive;
  • operate within the budget approved by the Board;
  • recommend and report to the Executive actions within their terms of reference;
  • prepare, if necessary, a budget request for the following fiscal year and present it    to the Executive;
  • present an annual report of their activities to the Executive and the AGM.

A. Pension and Retirement Income

Terms of Reference:
Respond to requests regarding matters pertaining to pension concerns; make
recommendations to the Executive on matters pertaining to pension concerns;
receive concerns and recommendations from member organizations; prepare
for the Executive proposals and position papers related to pension and
retirement concerns with appropriate recommendations.

Committee Members:
Gerry Tiede, Chair- Past-President
Gordon Cumming (Alberta)
Michel Plamondon (PEI)
Alan Laughlin (Saskatchewan)
Roger Régimbal –  ACER-CART Executive Director

B. Communications

Terms of Reference:
Maintain the ACER-CART web site; produce at least one newsletter a year for use
on the website and by member organizations; and encourage and facilitate
communication among member organizations.

Committee Members:
Marilyn Bossert, Chair – Regional Representative – West
Robert Primeau (New Brunswick)
Joe Lafitte (Newfoundland)
Alyson Hillier (Nova Scotia)
Sue Amundrud (Saskatchewan)
Roger Régimbal – ACER-CART Executive Director

C. Health Services 

Terms of Reference:
Provide the member organizations with information and advice regarding health and insurance plans; study the health care and insurance plans of the member organizations; prepare for the Executive proposals and position papers related to health and insurance plans, with appropriate recommendations.

Committee Members:
Sharon Penney (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Bill Berryman (Nova Scotia)
Albert Legge (Newfoundland)
Dolaine Koch (Alberta)
Helen Sukovieff (Saskatchewan)
Peggy Prendergast (Manitoba)

D. Nominations and Elections

Terms of Reference:
Receive and solicit nominations for offices on the Executive and for committees; assume responsibility for the elections.

Committee Members:
Gerry Tiede, Chair – Vice President, ACER-CART
Roger Régimbal, Executive Director, ACER-CART

E. Legislation

Terms of Reference:
Make recommendations to the Executive Committee for changes to the By-Laws, Articles, Policies and Procedures; become familiar with legislation which may have an impact on the teaching profession and the status of teachers; and present resolutions to the Executive Committee.

Committee Members:
Bill Berryman, Chair – Vice President, ACER-CART
Roger Régimbal, Executive Director, ACER-CART 

F. Political Advocacy

Terms of Reference:
Develop and recommend to the executive actions to accomplish goals and objectives established by the Board; monitor political issues and advise the executive or the Board on emerging issues relevant to ACER-CART; plan and organize political advocacy.

Committee Members:

Lawrence Hrycan, Chair
Bob Fitzpatrick (New Brunswick)
Grace Wilson (British Columbia)
Katherine Snow (Quebec)
Don Gabel (STS)
Bill Berryman (RTO-NSTU)
Gerry Tiede (BCRTA)
Sharon Penney (RTANL)
Marilyn Bossert (ARTA)