Mar 25, 2022 – Message from the President

March 25, 2022

Spring has returned to Canada and not a moment too soon.  Last year will NOT be fondly remembered here in BC—the heat dome last summer, the atmospheric river that brought floods, the forest fires, and never-ending COVID restrictions.  I am sure that wherever you live in Canada, you are also happy to see the end of winter. The good news across Canada:  flowers are blooming, mandates are being relaxed, and travel agents are getting busy.

Throughout the past year, the ACER-CART Executive and committees have been actively working on seniors’ issues.  Familiarity with the Zoom platform has enabled our committees to meet effectively without the prohibitive costs of travel.  Nevertheless, we are all anxious to meet in person.  Plans are underway for our annual AGM and Conference to be held in Ottawa in person.  To ensure the safety of those in attendance, certain precautions will be in effect.

For the past two years, the ACER-CART #1 priority has been to advocate for the development and implementation of a National Seniors’ Strategy.  Due to the multiple aspects of this priority, ACER-CART chose to focus our efforts on one—the provision of supports to enable seniors to remain in their own homes.

Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the Canadian population.  Most seniors do not want to move into a care facility. Their home is their comfortable and familiar environment. Seniors, like everyone else, are much happier when they can maintain their independence and control their daily lives.

Unfortunately, few supports are available to provide assistance at home when it is needed.  The huge majority of healthcare money spent on seniors goes to providing for the small percentage of seniors who are in the inadequate number of expensive long-term care homes.

A refocusing of our health care spending toward providing more care at home would save tax dollars and would reduce the strain on our long-term care homes and hospitals.

Millions of family members and friends across Canada are unpaid caregivers. Support and recognition are needed for the complex and time-consuming work that they do.

Further information will be posted on this site and shared at our Conference to keep you informed and help you participate in our efforts to raise awareness and support changes in how Canada supports aging at home.

Gerry Tiede
ACER-CART President