Vision Statement

  1. ACER-CARTwill be recognized by teachers, active and retired and member organizations, as a foremost organization from which sound advice can be obtained on issues related to retirement income, health and education of children.  And to this end,
  2. ACER-CARTwill actively support other national and international organizations, including federal government agencies, whose objectives with respect to seniors and the welfare of children are consistent with those of ACER-CART.  Furthermore,
  3. ACER-CARTwill look to other national and international organizations in achieving its own objectives and will communicate internally and externally on behalf of ACER-CART Members.



The Objectives of the Association are to:

  • Facilitate and promote liaison and mutual assistance among its member organizations;
  • Promote the interests of its member organizations;
  • Develop strategies for joint action on matters of common concern to member organizations;
  • Cooperate with other organizations on matters of common concern;
  • Promote and support public education.