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Retiree Health Event

On June 3, Dr. Samir Sinha and Dr. Steve Morgan gave presentations at an ACER-CART Retiree Health Event on Zoom. Please find below details and downloads of their presentations. A National Seniors’ Strategy Could Mean Healthy Aging in Your Own Home Dr. Samir Sinha Director of Geriatrics at Sinai Health System and the University Health Network in Toronto With 40,000 Canadians on waiting lists for Long Term Care, Dr. Sinha will explain how clear policy options exist that would enable ageing in place and the overall sustainability of our health care system. But will those policies be enacted? A Powerful Case for Pharmacare... Read More

HSO survey collecting Long-term care information

HSO (Health Standards Organization) is sharing a survey with the intent to collect information that can be used to develop National standards for Canadian Long-term care homes. One of the 2020-21 ACER-CART priorities is to advocate for regulations governing Retirement and Long-Term Care Homes with emphasis on improving patient respect, working conditions, staff training and staff wages. With that in mind, two links are provided for your convenience: Click to participate in the HSO survey that will take 15-30 minutes Click to learn more about HSO

General Vaccination Information for Seniors

Seniors can be a vulnerable population and vaccines need to be current.  Consult with your medical professional to review your vaccination records. In making decisions about vaccines, it is important to gather information about the efficacy and potential side effects relative to your individual circumstances and especially so if there is more than one vaccine option available. Following are those recommended in the Canadian Immunization Guide. Those who travel out of the country, whether to warmer climates or more exotic locations, need to determine recommended vaccinations for the destination and consider travel advisories. Vaccine Medication /Brand Name Population Recommended Frequency Flu... Read More

Health Survey Results

The ACER-CART Health Services Committee appreciates the responses of Member Associations in completing the survey. The results provided the committee, and trust they provide you, with useful information. In reviewing the survey results, and in discussion with some Members, variations in availability and insurance coverage – whether through Medicare or group plans – were evident. Of particular note was that the high dose flu vaccine was either not available or hard to access.  Subsequent to the results being compiled some provinces have indicated it will be provided in 2021. For some Members completing the survey was a learning experience as... Read More

Medication Safety and Deprescribing

Medication Safety and Deprescribing is a 25-minute video prepared by the Canadian Deprescribing Network. Narrated by Camille Gagnon, Clinical Pharmacist Assistant Director, Canadian Deprescribing Network, it deals with the most fundamental questions about medication and aging. Specifically prepared for Nova Scotians, this video was shared with Branch Presidents to either share in person or virtually with their members. Download Video A toolkit full of materials is also available. Download Toolkit As the Canadian Deprescribing Network is a research organization, for tracking purposes they ask to be informed when the video is shared by your representatives. Permission to use it is... Read More


Cambie Surgeries Corporation vs British Columbia – 2020 BCSC 1310 A REVIEW OF THE DR. BRIAN DAY CASE We had been anxious since 2009. That was the year Dr. Brian Day filed a constitutional challenge to our public health care system. Seeking legal approval to expand the provision of private health care in Canada, Dr. Day laid his challenge before the British Columbia Supreme Court in 2016. Delays and adjournments followed. Finally, on September 10, 2020, the Honourable Justice John Steeves released his 880-page decision. It is one of the lengthiest judgments every written in the BC Supreme Court.1 How... Read More

Protecting Pensions (ACER-CART President)

ARTA (Alberta Retired Teachers Association) invited me to bring greetings as ACER-CART president at their 2020 AGM held via Zoom in early October.  It may come as a surprise, but you are all members of ACER-CART by virtue of your membership in ARTA.  Altogether, we have about 170,000 members across Canada. Our purpose as a national body is to promote cooperation and assistance among our member associations.  We develop strategies for joint action on matters of common concern and we support public education.  You may recall the federal election issues brochure that we developed with like-minded organizations and distributed through... Read More