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Support pension protection. We need your help again!

Pension protection is sadly lacking and much needed in Canada. Since 1982, more than 250,000 Canadian vulnerable seniors have suffered the loss of pension income for the rest of their lives due to corporate insolvency. There are still over 4 million Canadians counting on their defined-benefit pensions.

There has been progress, In the last Parliament, thanks in part to the efforts of people like you, the Bloc’s pension protection bill made it through committee before the election was called and it died on the order paper. This is much further than any similar bill in the past, one step away from being passed into law by the House of Commons.

During the last election, you may have been one of the people who participated in our email campaign to tell candidates that pensioners should receive 100% of the pension their employer committed to. That 20-day campaign resulted in 40,000 emails going to candidates in over 92% of ridings across Canada.

Somebody is listening, this Parliament both the NDP and CPC have submitted very similar bills.

All four opposition parties (the GPC has supported these bills) now support pension protection. The government is the holdout. It is time to put pressure on the government.

This is where we ask for your help.

The Canadian Federation of Pensioners has developed a strategy to pressure the government to act.

The first action is an e-petition. We ask you to click this link and “sign” the e-petition. It is a House of Commons e-petition, secure and safe.

This petition challenges the government to develop a solution to ensure pensioners receive 100% of their pension their employer committed to. It is sponsored by MP Ryan Turnbull: Liberal Whitby.

The second step will come later, we will be back in touch with you. The CPC bill (MP Marylin Gladu’s C-228) is scheduled for second reading on April 1. It will likely come up for a vote before summer. At that time, we will reach out to you to join our email campaign to demonstrate to MPs and Senators that there is support to protect vulnerable Canadian seniors.

Participation by people like you helped get the bill last year further than any similar bill in the past. Please help get pension protection across the finish line this time.

Michael Powell
Canadian Federation of Pensioners

Trish McAuliffe (she/her)
National Pensioners Federation