Fundraising for Ukrainian Education Needs

As the war in Ukraine continues, devasting reports indicate over ten million Ukrainians are on the move. This means an increasing number of school-aged children and youth are displaced and living in the countries bordering their homeland. Parents and teachers are doing their best to find ways for children to continue their schooling, but there are still many without access to education. The Canadian Ukrainian Foundation (CUF) has been active both in Ukraine and in surrounding countries, working to ensure displaced children are able to continue their studies by accessing books, school supplies, and proper instruction.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can do so through the CUF’s partner organization, The Ukrainian Foundation for College Education (UFCE) Trust. Cheques can be sent directly to: UFCE Trust c/o 12414-28 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB  T6J 4E4 ATTN: Ukraine Education Fundraiser Donations can also be made by e-transfer to the UFCE Trust at

If you have any questions about how the donations will be used or would like to learn about other ways you can help, contact