President’s Message – Dec 8, 2022

Dear ACER-CART Colleagues,

This is the time of year when we begin preparing for the holiday season – bringing up the decorations, stringing the outdoor light displays, listening to the familiar seasonal music in the shopping malls, and planning for social events with family and friends.

The holiday season is celebrated by people of many beliefs and cultures, each with their own traditions. However, what we all have in common is the spirit of generosity and goodwill towards others.

ACER-CART and each of our Provincial and Territorial Associations exist, not just to promote the interests of our own members, but also that of all Canadian seniors.

The devastating impact of the recent pandemic on seniors, along with the past and present Grinch-like attitudes of some of our political leaders, graphically demonstrates the need for ACER-CART to intensify our efforts as we work together in partnership with other like-minded organizations.

Our main priority in the coming year is to advocate to empower all seniors to age – as much as they are able – in the comfort and security of their own homes. Our Health Services and Political Advocacy Committees are meeting together to plan an effective strategy to campaign for better government support for seniors’ home care. We look forward to rolling out this campaign and working with our Member associations and other partners in the new year.

Working together, we will help to further a National Seniors’ Strategy that will enable seniors, wherever they live in Canada, to truly enjoy their golden years.

On behalf of the ACER-CART Executive, I wish each of you a very relaxed and enjoyable holiday, and a healthy and happy start to 2023.


Martin Higgs,