Health Survey Results

The ACER-CART Health Services Committee appreciates the responses of Member Associations in completing the survey. The results provided the committee, and trust they provide you, with useful information.

In reviewing the survey results, and in discussion with some Members, variations in availability and insurance coverage – whether through Medicare or group plans – were evident. Of particular note was that the high dose flu vaccine was either not available or hard to access.  Subsequent to the results being compiled some provinces have indicated it will be provided in 2021.

For some Members completing the survey was a learning experience as they reviewed their own group plans.  Some said they were going to consider ways in which to better familiarize their members with the coverage they did have – perhaps a summary overview.

The Canadian Immunization Guide provides recommendations regarding vaccines for seniors. An overview of vaccines recommended for seniors and the survey results accompany this notice.

The CanAge report card on adult vaccination in Canada is, to say the least, both informative and revealing of discrepancies across the country. The Health Committee cautions that it should be viewed as a “point in time” report.

Vaccine Report

Varying private services are available across the country. Several responses noted some are covered by group insurance plans on a co-pay/dollar limit basis. It was noted they may be used by those who do not want to wait/qualify for them through Medicare.

While there may be “rumours” of kickbacks by pharmaceutical companies, no evidence was submitted. Past high profile court settlements may be a factor in this along with codes of ethics for practitioners.