Retiree Health Event

On June 3, Dr. Samir Sinha and Dr. Steve Morgan gave presentations at an ACER-CART Retiree Health Event on Zoom. Please find below details and downloads of their presentations.

A National Seniors’ Strategy Could Mean Healthy Aging in Your Own Home

Dr. Samir Sinha

Director of Geriatrics at Sinai Health System and the University Health Network in Toronto

With 40,000 Canadians on waiting lists for Long Term Care, Dr. Sinha will explain how clear policy options exist that would enable ageing in place and the overall sustainability of our health care system. But will those policies be enacted?

A Powerful Case for Pharmacare

Dr. Steve Morgan

University of BC’s School of Population and Public Health

A compelling case for why Canada needs a national Pharmacare program, how it would improve our health and save money that could be directed to provide other health needs.

Presentation Slides Download