8.01 The Executive shall be composed as follows, all with voting rights:

  1. the President;
  2. the Vice-President
  3. the Regional Representatives, and
  4. the Immediate Past President or his/her replacement. Officers shall be directors of the Board.
8.02 The Executive Director shall act as an advisor to the Board without voting rights.
8.03 The officers shall hold office for one year from the date of election.
8.04 Officers shall be subject to removal by resolution of the Board.
8.05 The person acting as Immediate Past president remains in office until the current president takes over the position.
8.06 In the event the person acting as Immediate Past President is unable or unwilling to serve, the Executive may appoint another Officer.
8.07 Meetings shall be at the call of the President. 8.08 Meetings shall be held at least twice during the fiscal year.
8.09 The Executive may hold meetings by teleconferences or by other electronic means that permit the Officers to communicate. Each Officer shall have equal access to the technology and shall consent in advance to the specific means of communication to be used. At least sixty percent (60%) of the Officers with full voting rights must approve holding such a meeting. Votes will be recorded by roll call. This type of meeting will be organized through reputable and reliable conference calling firms guaranteeing safety and security through such features as conference locks, roll calls, security passwords and moderator-created PIN, before-call billing codes and disconnect options.
8.10 Meetings shall be publicized with a minimal advance notice of one (1) week.
8.11 The quorum of any meeting shall be a majority of the Officers with full voting rights.
8.12 The minutes of the Executive shall be available to the Officers, each of whom shall receive a copy of such minutes.
8.13 The Executive shall exercise such powers as are authorized by the Board.


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