6.01 The AGM or any other general meeting of the Members shall be held at any place in Canada as the Board may determine.
6.02 The AGM, shall be held on the first Friday of June and the following Saturday.
6.03 Any other general meeting of the Members shall be held on such day(s) as the Board shall determine.
6.04 The AGM shall have the authority to consider any question relevant to ACER-CART and adopt any measure it deems appropriate.
6.05 A special members’ meeting may be called on written notice to the President of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the members with a specific agenda attached.
6.06 A majority of the votes cast by the members present and carrying voting rights shall determine the questions in meetings except where the vote or consent of a greater number of members is required by the Canada Corporations Act or the present by-laws. Spoiled and/or abstentions shall not be counted in determining the outcome of such voting.
6.07 Voting by proxy is not permitted.
6.08 Forty-five (45) days written notice of any AGM or special General Meeting of the members shall be given by mail to each Member. Notice of any meeting where business is transacted shall contain sufficient information to permit Members to form reasoned judgment on decisions to be taken.
6.09 No error or omission in giving notice of any Members’ meetings shall invalidate such meeting or make void any proceedings taken thereat. Any Member may, at any time, waive notice of any such meeting.
6.10 The quorum of any meeting shall be a majority of the Members with full voting rights.
6.11 A copy of the minutes of the AGM shall be available to the Members.
6.12 The AGM is the supreme authority of ACER-CART.
6.13 The AGM may:

  1. receive the financial statements and the reports of the auditors;
  2. appoint auditors to audit the accounts and annual financial statements for report at the next AGM;
  3. appoint the signing officers of ACER-CART;
  4. approve the budget for each fiscal year;
  5. authorize expenditures on behalf of ACER-CART;
  6. approve fees to be paid by the members; and
  7. approve changes to the By-laws.


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