ACER-CART Priorities 2023-24

ACER-CART will continue elevating the profile of our National Association in our provincial associations and at all levels of government and beyond.

ACER-CART will, in collaboration with like-minded organizations,

  1. Advocate for the development and implementation of the National Senior’s Strategy.
  2. Advocate for the federal government’s implementation of a national universal Pharmacare program, including the establishment of a Canada Drug Agency and implementation of a national formulary.
  3. Advocate for a public health care system that prioritizes care in seniors’ own homes for as long as possible.
  4. Advocate for public health care to combat the move towards privatization.
  5. Advocate for regulations governing Retirement and Long-Term Care Homes with an emphasis on improving patient respect, working conditions, training, and staff wages.
  6. Support members in their efforts to achieve the full cost of living pension adjustments; and
  7. Complete the strategic plan.

ACER-CART will advocate for the protection of all retiree pensions, with emphasis on the preservation and enhancement of defined benefit pension plans.