ACER-CART Priorities 2019-20

  1. ACER-CART will, in collaboration with like-minded organizations as appropriate,
    • monitor the federal government’s implementation of a universal, public, comprehensive, accessible and portable Pharmacare program,
    • closely monitor the 10-year bilateral health funding agreements with the provinces and territories,
    • oppose privatization of health-care services by monitoring the federal government’s support of the provisions of the Canada Health Act to ensure that Canadians receive universal accessibility of medical care without extra charges.
  2. ACER-CART will monitor and continue to collaborate with like-minded organizations to oppose any federal legislation that would lead to the demise of defined benefit pension plans.
  3. ACER-CART will collaborate with like-minded organizations encourage the development and the implementation a National Seniors Strategy.
  4. ACER-CART will seek to elevate the profile and the value of a national Association in our provincial associations.
  5. ACER-CART will seek to extend our relationships with CTF-FCE.