Options Newsletter: Winter 2012

Executive Director Norbert Boudreau Tenders Resignation

After having been Executive Director of ACER-CART since January 2009, Norbert Boudreau regretfully announced his resignation from the position, effective June 30, 2012. Norbert was recently elected 2nd Vice-President of the Retired Teachers of Ontario and because of his additional responsibilities he decided that he could not do justice to either association by keeping the two positions, Executive Director and 2ndVice-President. At its December 9 conference call, the Executive Committee accepted his resignation with regret and wishes him well in his continuing endeavors on behalf of the Retired Teachers of Ontario.

Delegates to 2012 AGM to Decide on Structure

In light of its review of organizational structure initiated in part by the withdrawal of AREQ from ACER-CART, the Executive Committee will be submitting a number of recommendations in its report for delegate consideration at the June 2012 AGM. These recommendations will be sent out in early 2012 so that member organizations have an opportunity to study them.

Committee Hires New Executive Director

At its December 9 conference call, the Executive Committee moved to accept the application from Roger E. Régimbal for the post of ACER-CART Executive Director, effective July 1, 2012. After his appointment, Roger listened in to the conference call, and will continue to monitor our deliberations, including the 2012 AGM. To insure a proper transition in duties, Roger will receive an honorarium as of June 1, 2012 and work along with Norbert for the month of June.

Meet Roger E. Régimbal

Regimbal-Roger webAfter having taught in the Ontario catholic schools for 35 years, Roger retired in 2007. He has been involved with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation since 1991,first as a delegate to its annual meetings, then on the CTF Board of Directors (1995-2002), ending up as Executive Board Vice-President (2002-06). Concurrently, Roger has held positions with the Ontario Teachers’ Federation ending up as their President (2000-01). He has also been actively involved with the Association des enseignantes et enseignants de l’Ontario including a term as President. And not to be considered “out to pasture”, after retiring he has been a member of the Board of Directors of RTO/ERO in his district since 2009. We look forward to working with him. Bienvenue à bord M. le directeur général Roger E. Régimbal.

Report of President Arnold Hull-Arn2-sHull

Resignation of our Executive Director
As you will have noted the Executive Committee accepted with regret the resignation of Norbert Boudreau our Executive Director.  We wish him continued success and thank him for the continued support of our organization as he assumes the various positions and responsibilities as a key executive member of RTO/ERO.

Organizational Communication to Date

graphic-2012Winter chart

Regional Meetings
The initiative of the regional representatives to get their people together is most commendable.  There will be an opportunity to have regional meetings prior to our 2012 AGM.

President and Directors
The newsletters of the member organizations are a great source of information. I appreciate the feedback sent to me about my comments regarding the structure and content of your newsletters and websites.  It is my wish to have all Directors involved in this dialogue.

Congress of National Seniors Organizations (CNSO)
Due to organizational difficulties this organization has not been active for the past few months.  I am very pleased to announce that CNSO is being reactivated, starting with a conference call in January 2012.  As an organization it is important to ACER-CART to have a partnership with like-minded organizations with which we share common goals.

Our 2012 AGM – June 1-2
Executive Director Norbert Boudreau and I are meeting in Toronto on January 19th to organize details of our June 2012 AGM.  They will be posted on the website as they evolve.

As President
This year has been a great experience.  The activities, socials, financial assistance given to others and initiatives that are being undertaken by member organizations are remarkable.  On behalf of the Executive Committee please accept and extend to all those hundreds of volunteers our appreciation.  As so aptly expressed by Helen Dyer, “Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action. These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.”