A Holiday Message from President Gerry Tiede

If you have not read The Gift of the Magi recently, I encourage you to find time this Christmas season to read it again. I get a lump in my throat every time I read it. It is a wonderful story of a recently married couple who both sacrificed their most valuable possession to purchase the perfect Christmas gift for their partner. No spoiler here in case you have forgotten the heart-warming ending.

The story reminds me of the most valuable gift that teachers give their students every day – their personal attention and their time.  Many of us continue to give that gift right through retirement as we sacrificially serve our families, our communities, and our colleagues.

We are also reminded daily of the personal sacrifices of our front-line workers during this COVID pandemic as they provide our needed care.

This has always been the meaning of Christmas, right from Jesus in Bethlehem to the Grinch in Whoville – to give of oneself, thinking only of others.

Please let me express the gratitude of all for everything you do to serve and make life better. You are a Christmas star!

On behalf of ACER-CART, I wish you Peace, Joy, and a Merry Christmas.  May the New Year bring us all happiness and good health. And an effective vaccine.


Gerry Tiede

President, ACER-CART


The Gift of the Magi, O. Henry