Learning more about The Canada Health Act

What is the Canada Health Act and what are its implications in your province?

Violations of the Canada Health Act have been an ongoing concern at the annual ACER-CART annual meetings. The 2020 – 2021 survey of Member Associations indicated there are services such as MRIs, hip/knee replacements, and therapies that individuals can avail themselves of because their health plan covers them and/or they want to access as soon as possible. However, the delivery of health services is a provincial/territorial responsibility.

The following documents may assist you in better understanding the act, monitoring your jurisdiction, and learning what the federal government has been doing.

Background Paper: The Canada Health Act: An Overview is a brief document prepared in December 2019 to support parliamentarians at the start of the 43rd Parliament. It is part of the Library of Parliament’s research publications program.

The Canada Health Act Annual Report 2019-2020, while a lengthy document, includes sections for each province and territory.