Executive Committee

8.01 The Executive Committee shall be composed as follows:

a)     The President;

b)     The Vice-President

c)     The Immediate Past President (or replacement);

d)     The Regional Representatives:

i.       East (Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Quebec ),

ii.      Ontario, and

iii.     West (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon)

e)     The Executive Director who acts as advisor without voting rights.

8.02 The Executive shall:

a)       Carry out the activities of ACER-CART.

b)       Perform the duties assigned by the AGM and the Board and to follow up on the decisions made by the AGM and the Board.

c)       Keep the Board informed of the Executive Committee’s activities and decisions.

d)       Consult the Board on questions of general interest.

e)       Coordinate the activities of Standing Committees.

f)        Administer and monitor the budget as approved by the AGM.

g)       Review the financial statements and prepare background information on all aspects of the budget, before their presentation to the Board.

h)        Liaise with organizations with similar objectives and interests.

i)         Appoint the Chairs of Standing Committees and the representatives to outside organizations.

j)       Ratify the appointment of committee members recommended by the Chairs of committees.

k)       Approve any notice of withdrawal or resignation of an Officer as Chair of a Standing Committee and any request to remove an Officer as Chair of a Standing Committee.

l)     Replace members appointed to a Standing Committee at the request of the Chair of that Committee.

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