Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Meetings of the Board


7.01 The Directors at the AGM are the authority of ACER-CART.
7.02 The Board will hold at least one meeting per fiscal year.
7.03 The Executive may call special Board meetings to deal with emerging issues.
7.04 The Annual General Meeting, hereafter called the AGM, shall normally be held in Ottawa on the first Friday of June and the following Saturday.
7.05 Special Circumstances for the AGM

a) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special Members Meeting will normally be in person, but where special circumstances arise and it is deemed necessary by the Executive, may be held entirely by means of a telephone, electronic or other communications facility that permits all
participants to communicate adequately with each other during the meeting.b) If the AGM is held by one of these communication facilities, the following procedures will apply and have precedence over the existing Bylaws, Constitution and Protocols:c) The meeting will be normally held on the first Friday of June. Where all issues cannot be dealt with in one session, the AGM may be extended to the Saturday following the Friday session.

d) Timed items will be set by the Executive respecting the time allocated for the AGM.

e) Procedures for AGM elections are as follows:

I. Call for nominations will end two weeks prior to the AGM.
II. All nomination forms must be sent to the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee prior to the deadline.
III. There will be no nominations from the floor.
IV. Candidates will have three minutes to address the assembly.
V. Voting will be held electronically by secret ballot.

7.06 At the AGM, the Board shall receive
a) Reports of the activities since the previous AGM from
i. The Executive.
ii. Standing Committees.
iii. Members.
b) Financial Reports
i. A review of the financial statements.
ii. The annual financial statements.
iii. The current year’s financial statements.
iv. It will approve the next fiscal year’s budget.
v. Approve any changes to the fees to be paid by Members.
c) Corporate Documents
i. It will adopt, review, or amend changes to the By-Laws, Constitution, and Belief Statements.
ii. A copy of the minutes of the Board shall be available to members of the Executive and the Board.

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