10.01 Election Guidelines

a)     The Officers shall be elected annually, by secret ballot, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

b)     If at the time of balloting for a particular office, there is a sole nominee for that office, that person shall be declared elected.

c)     If at the time of balloting for multiple representation, the number of nominees is equal to or fewer than the number of positions available, those nominees shall be declared elected.

d)     The following persons are eligible for election as Officers:

i.       The representatives named or elected by the Members as Directors or observers.

ii.      The Officers present or who have indicated in writing, their intention to stand for a particular office.

iii.     Any retired teacher member of a provincial/territorial association of retired teachers who have been nominated by the member’s Association.

e)     Each Officer shall hold office until the adjournment of the next AGM.

f)       If the Past President is unable or unwilling to complete his/her mandate, the Officers shall appoint another Officer.

g)     If an Officer is unable or unwilling to complete his/her term, the remaining Officers shall appoint another regional representative of that region, from nominations received from a Member of that region.

h)     Every effort will be made to ensure that the Executive has representatives from Members of both official languages.

10.02 Nominating Procedures

a)     At least three months prior to the AGM, the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee invites Members to submit the name of candidates for offices on the Executive.

b)     Nominations for offices on the Executive are prepared on the nominating form and presented to the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee no later than one month before the AGM.

c)     At the request of the presiding officer of the AGM, the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee shall present a report on the nominations received.

d)     The Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee asks for nominations from the floor, except in circumstances where the AGM is held virtually.

10.03 Election Procedures

a)     The order in which elections are held is as follows:

i.       Office of President.

ii.      Office of Vice-President.

iii.     Offices of Regional Representatives.

b)     The Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee will allow each candidate three (3) minutes to address the assembly.

c)     A candidate must obtain a majority of the valid votes cast to be declared elected.

d)     If a majority vote is not reached, the name of the candidate with the least number of votes and of all candidates with less than three (3) votes will be removed from the ballot before proceeding to the next round of voting.

e)     A candidate, unsuccessful in his/her election to the Office of President, or Vice-President may elect to let his/her name stand for a subsequent election for the Office of Vice-President or Regional Representative.

f)       Members of the Nomination and Elections Committee shall collect and count ballots and then report to the presiding officer of the AGM.

g)     Each candidate shall be allowed to name a scrutineer to observe the counting of ballots.

h)     Ballots cast at the AGM will be destroyed at the conclusion of elections unless there is a motion to the contrary.

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