B-03 Not-for-Profit Residential Care Facilities

  1. ACER-CART believes that residential care facilities (nursing homes, long-term care, etc.) should be community-based not-for-profit facilities.
  2. ACER-CART believes that federal, provincial and territorial governments need to work together to establish a framework similar to the Canada Health Act to develop a universal, publicly funded long-term care residential care plan.
  3. ACER-CART believes that the National framework would ensure adequate levels of funding; tie funding to national criteria and care standards; establish a national workforce planning strategy to ensure the right health-care workers are in the right place at the right time and recognize and support informal caregivers who can be crucial partners in delivering care to residents in residential care facilities.
  4. ACER-CART believes that the National framework should support the following:
    1. The hiring of more staff to comply with the staff-to-resident ratio to a minimum of 4.1 hours of hands-on direct care per person per day.
    2. Provide better working conditions for staff by increasing wages, appropriate training, and benefits.
    3. Ensure that at least 75% of staff at each facility are full time.
    4. Ensure staff only work in only one facility.
    5. Eliminate shared bedrooms and bathrooms, except for couples, in all facilities.


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