A Message from President Bill Berryman 

On behalf of the thirteen affiliates representing over 140,000 retired teachers in Canada, welcome to the ACER-CART home page.   It is indeed an honour and a privilege, which I do not take lightly, in representing and responding to the health and welfare of these members through our advocacy efforts with the Federal government of Canada.

The 2018 Annual General Meeting spent considerable time debating the priorities for the 2018-2019 year. One of the first priorities was the establishment of a Federal Ministry of Seniors and the organization was very pleased with the appointment of Honourable Filomena Tassi in that position in July 2018.

Other key priorities were a national pharmacare program, pension and income security and a national health care strategy. It was an honour for ACER-CART to partner with the Retired Teachers of Ontario and the National Federation of Federal Retirees in the Vibrant Voices advocacy campaign in championing issues leading up to the Federal government election in October 2019. This campaign is committed to providing members with up-to-date information when engaging candidates and their political parties.

The President acts as the chief spokesperson for the organization, but the direction on a day by day basis is provided by the Executive and the Executive Director. I am forever grateful for their guidance, input and collaboration in advancing the concerns and needs of our members throughout the year.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention the support of our thirteen Directors who attend the Annual General Meeting in Ottawa. They represent the “grass roots” of the organization and speak on behalf of their membership with dedication and passion. They arrive well prepared at the AGM for debate on organization reports and resolutions and provide excellent reports on their affiliates major concerns and initiatives over the previous year.

ACER-CART is also very fortunate to work with other coalition partners such as the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Health Coalition, the Canadian Coalition for Retirement Security and the National Association of Federal Retirees. Through facilitation and promotion of mutual interests with these organizations, ACER-CART not only speaks as the voice of retired teachers, but also for thousands of seniors in Canada.

Special thanks to the Canadian Teachers’ Federation for their financial and administrative support.