President Brian kenny

A Message from President Brian Kenny

What an exciting privilege it is to be part of the ACER-CART executive, especially after the June 2016 annual meeting. They are a sterling group of individuals from all over Canada.

Equally reassuring is the leadership in the Associations across the country. They arrive well prepared to represent their retired teachers and other seniors. They are dedicated, skilled and caring. The result is a common igniting force of organized passion.

We are lucky to have those Association and national leaders. They don’t sit back and let things happen. Conversely, they make them happen.

In reality, ACER-CART has to continue to be skilled in its approach to working on behalf of its Members and to seeking positive change, so good leadership across the nation is very important.

As the year progresses, we will use that organized passion to reach out to like-minded groups to help reach our goals, an exercise in good will and patience.

Canada needs and will benefit from a renewed Health Accord, a national pharmaceutical program and a National Seniors Healthcare Strategy. Those challenges sum up why I am so grateful we have such an impressive base of leadership in ACER-CART.