Pension and Retirement Income

ACER-CART believes that all employed persons deserve to contribute to a defined benefit pension plan and that the allowances be fully adjusted in accordance with the Consumer Price Index.

ACER-CART believes that all working Canadians deserve secure and reliable federal pension and retirement income programs.  These are crucial also to the well-being of all provincial, territorial and federal budgets.

ACER-CART urges the next Parliament and Government to work with the provinces and territories to exercise leadership, commitment and cooperation to strengthen the economic future of all retired persons, taxpayers and citizens of Canada by ensuring comprehensive and coordinated pension and retirement income programs.

ACER-CART urges that the focus be on the enhancement of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), a defined benefit plan providing Canadians with the greatest pension income security in retirement.

“We should seriously consider building on the strengths of the CPP through a phased-in, moderate increase to retirement and survivor benefits. CPP’s guaranteed benefits are secure, inflation-indexed, and portable.”

Ontario Finance Minister Duncan’s letter to Federal,
Provincial and Territorial Finance Ministers. June 10, 2010