A National Seniors Care Plan

ACER-CART believes that Canadians deserve the security of a continuum of community-based integrated services that includes a universal system of home care, home support, long-term care services, and hospice and palliative care; and that this continuum of services should be an integral part of a Canadian comprehensive health care system.

ACER-CART urges that a newly elected federal government collaborate with the provinces and territories to facilitate the establishment of a national seniors care plan that coordinates care for seniors.

“We need a national strategy involving all levels of government, and with Ottawa taking the leading role. We see this as a much more positive alternative to quarrelling over who is in charge of what and who should pay for what.”

Dr. Christopher Simpson, President
Canadian Medical Association
“Code Gridlock: Why we need a national seniors care system”
Address to the Canadian Club of Ottawa. November 18, 2014.