ACER-CART is the national voice of retired teachers. It is a bilingual association of Members representing over 137,000 retired teachers from Canada’s ten provinces and Yukon Territory. It has been in existence since 1991.

ACER-CART Celebrates 25 Years




Health Care in Canada

ACER-CART believes that health care for Canadians should be publicly administered, publicly funded and publicly delivered, nationally universal in coverage and accessible, comprehensive, and portable.



A National Seniors Care Plan

ACER-CART believes that Canadians deserve the security of a continuum of community-based integrated services that includes a universal system of home care, home support, long-term care services, and hospice and palliative care.



A Universal Pharmacare Program

ACER-CART believes that access to adequate medication is an essential component of a national health care program.




Pension and Retirement Income 

ACER-CART believes that all employed persons deserve to contribute to a defined benefit pension plan and that the allowances be fully adjusted in accordance with the Consumer Price Index. 



Pension Funds

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Seniors Vote

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