October 2017

cc.oct.17.001 Conference call set-up
cc.oct.17.002 Agenda updated
cc.oct.17.004a PRE-AGM Minutes
cc.oct.17.004b Post-AGM Minutes
cc.oct.17.004c AGM Minutes
cc.oct.17.005a Correspondance
cc.oct.17.005b Letter from Adrienne Silnicki
cc.oct.17.006a President’s Report
cc.oct.17.006b CTF Report
cc.oct.17.006c RTO-ERO
cc.oct.17.006d Doctor Shortage
cc.oct.17.006e Priorities 2017-18
cc.oct.17.006f Strategic Plan 2016
cc.oct.17.007a Financial report Year end -July 31 2017 (002)
cc.oct.17.007b Budget 2017-18
cc.oct.17.007c Short Form Management Liability Application 2017-18
cc.oct.17.008 ED’S Activity report
cc.oct.17.008b Help Lesotho
cc.oct.17.008c Canadian Medical Association
cc.oct.17.008c CTF Invitation for Oct 5th
cc.oct.17.009a East Representative Report
cc.oct.17.009b Ontario Representative Report
cc.oct.17.009bi RTO position papers
cc.oct.17.009bii Stand Up for Seniors
cc.oct.17.009c Western Representative Report
cc.oct.17.010c Health Committee Report October 2017
cc.oct.17.0010d Pension Committee report – Oct. 2017
cc.oct.17.0010d1. Bill C-27 Campaign plan
cc.oct.17.0010d2. Bill C-27  Backgrounder
cc.oct.17.0010d3. Member Sample Letter to MP – short form
cc.oct.17.0010d4.Member Sample Letter to MP – long form
cc.oct.17.0010d5. Who’s the Target – Insert
cc.oct.17.0010d6. Letter from Minister of Finance’s office – C-27
cc.oct.17.010e Political Advocacy Committee Report
cc.oct.17.011a Motion Tracker 2017-18
cc.oct.17.013c Covering Letter
cc.oct.17.013ci Responsive Primary Health Care
cc.oct.17.0013a Adrienne Silnicki at ACER-CART 2017
cc.oct.17.0013b How to thwart the growing threat of financial abuse of the elderly

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