The following are the responsibilities for a Director elected to the role of ACER-CART Regional Representative:

  1. To participate in meetings including:
    1. the Pre-AGM Executive meeting
    2. the Annual General Meeting of ACER-CART
    3. the post-AGM executive organizational meeting
    4. any Executive conference call meetings
  1. To chair a standing committee of ACER-CART, to undertake any action resulting from resolutions adopted at the AGM and assigned to the committee as its responsibilities, and to report on its activities at the subsequent ACER-CART annual meeting.
  1. To report to Directors in their region on ACER-CART Executive decisions and action taken, and on current issues of national importance.
  1. To report to the ACER-CART President and/or Executive on issues affecting member Associations.
  1. To assist with communication among the Directors within a region.
  1. To respond, with the approval of the President, to a request for attendance at the annual/biannual meeting of a member Association in order to become aware of an Association’s issues and to bring information about ACER-CART to an Association and its delegates.
  1. To monitor the utilization of the ACER-CART operating budget and Reserve Fund.
  1. To assist with the development of Executive resolutions for policy or action that will be taken to the AGM for consideration.
  1. To act in an advisory capacity to the President.
  1. To perform such duties and exercise such powers as may be delegated by the President, the Board or the AGM.



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