Roger Regimbal

March 2019

cc.mar.19.001 Conference call set-up cc.mar.19.002 Agenda revised cc.mar.19.004 Executive Minutes January 11, 2019 cc.mar.19.005a Correspondance cc.mar.19.005b letter from Minister Tassi  cc.mar.19.005c Lobbying cc.mar.19.006 President’s Report... Read More

January 2019

cc.jan.19.001 Conference call set-up cc.jan.19.002 Agenda cc.jan.19.004a Executive Minutes September 10 2018 cc.jan.19.004b AGM Minutes EN cc.jan.19.005a Correspondance cc.jan.19.005b Letter Fionna Tassi cc.jan.19.005c Letter Cynthia... Read More

September 2018

cc.sept.18.001 Conference call set-up cc.sept.18.002 Agenda cc.sept.18.004a Minutes PRE-AGM cc.sept.18.004b Minutes Post-AGM cc.sept.18.004c AGM Minutes EN cc.sept.18.005 Correspondance cc.sept.18.005a Sherry Romanado Parl sec to Minister... Read More

March 2018

cc.mar.18.001 Conference call set-up. cc.mar.18.002 Agenda revised cc.mar.18.004 Minutes of January 2018 cc.mar.18.005a Correspondance cc.mar.18.005b Letter to RTO (003) cc.mar.18.005c Letter from RTO-ERO to BCRTA... Read More

October 2017

cc.oct.17.001 Conference call set-up cc.oct.17.002 Agenda updated cc.oct.17.004a PRE-AGM Minutes cc.oct.17.004b Post-AGM Minutes cc.oct.17.004c AGM Minutes cc.oct.17.005a Correspondance cc.oct.17.005b Letter from Adrienne Silnicki cc.oct.17.006a President’s Report cc.oct.17.006b CTF Report... Read More