AGA AGM 2019 Documents

AGM19-T1-001 Table of Contents en
AGM19-T1-001 Table of Contents fr
AGM19-T1-002b List of Participants
AGM19-T1-003 Activities en
AGM19-T1-003 Activities fr
AGM19-T2-001 Agenda en
AGM19-T2-001 Agenda fr
AGM19-t3-004b AGM Minutes en
AGM19-T3-004b AGM Minutes fr
AGM19-T4-001 Motion Tracker
AGM19-T4-002 Protocol 8 en
AGM19-T4-002 Protocol 8 fr
AGM19-T4-003 Brian Day Court Case en
AGM19-T4-003 Brian Day Court Case fr
AGM19-T5-001 Correspondance
AGM19-T6-001 Year-end Financial report
AGM19-T6-002 Financial Report 2018-19
AGM19-T6-003 Budget 2019-20
AGM19-T6-004 Membership Statistics
AGM19-T7-001 President’s Report en
AGM19-T7-001 President’s Report fr
AGM19-T7-002 Executive Director en
AGM19-T7-002 Executive director fr
AGM19-T8-001 Communications Committee en
AGM19-T8-001 Communications Committee fr
AGM19-T8-002 Health Services Committee en
AGM19-T8-002 Health Services Committee fr
AGM19-T8-002i Health Agreements en
AGM19-T8-002ii Appendix 3 CIHI Overview en
AGM19-T8-003 Political Advocacy en
AGM19-T8-003 Political Advocacy fr
AGM19-T8-003a Election Brochure en
AGM19-T8-003a Election Brochure fr
AGM19-T8-004 Pension Committee en
AGM19-T8-004 Pension Committee fr
AGM19-T8-005 Legislation Committee en
AGM19-T8-005 Legislation Committee fr
AGM19-T8-006 Elections and Nominations cttee report en
AGM19-T8-006 Elections and Nominations cttee report fr
AGM19-T9-001 PEIRTA Info
AGM19-T9-001 PEIRTA Member Report en
AGM19-T9-001 PEIRTA Member Report fr
AGM19-T9-002 QPARSE Member Information
AGM19-T9-002 QPARSE-APPERQ Member report en
AGM19-T9-002 QPARSE-APPERQ Member report fr
AGM19-T9-003 SERFNB – Member Information
AGM19-T9-003 SERFNB Rapport du Membre en
AGM19-T9-003 SERFNB Rapport du Membre fr
AGM19-T9-004 NBSRT Member Information
AGM19-T9-004 NBSRT Member Report en
AGM19-T9-005 RTO-NSTU Member Information
AGM19-T9-005 RTO-NSTU Member Report en
AGM19-T9-005 RTO-NSTU Member Report fr
AGM19-T9-006 RTANL Member Information
AGM19-T9-006 RTANL Member Report en
AGM19-T9-007 BCRTA Member Information
AGM19-T9-007 BCRTA Member Report en
AGM19-T9-007 BCRTA Member Report fr
AGM19-T9-008 ARTA Member Information
AGM19-T9-008 ARTA Member Report en
AGM19-T9-008 ARTA Member Reportfr
AGM19-T9-009 STS Member Information
AGM19-T9-009 STS Member Report en
AGM19-T9-009 STS Member Report fr
AGM19-T9-010 RTAM Member Information
AGM19-T9-010 RTAM Member Report en
AGM19-T9-010 RTAM Member Report fr
AGM19-T9-011 RT0-ERO Member Information
AGM19-T9-011 RTO-ERO Member Report en
AGM19-T9-011 RTO-ERO Member Report fr
AGM19-T9-012 QART Member Information
AGM19-T9-013 YRTA Member Information
AGM19-T9-013 YRTA member Report
AGM19-T10 002 Nominating form en
AGM19-T10 002 Nominating form fr
AGM19-T10-001 Call for nomination en
AGM19-T10-001 Call for nomination fr
AGM19-T10-004 Bill Berryman President en
AGM19-T10-004 Bill Berryman President fr
AGM19-T10-005 VP Gerry-Tiede-en
AGM19-T10-005 VP Gerry-Tiede-fr
AGM19-T10-006 RR-East Margaret Urquhart en
AGM19-T10-006 RR-East Margaret Urquhart fr
AGM19-T10-007 RR-Ontario Martin Higgs en
AGM19-T10-007 RR-Ontario Martin Higgs fr
AGM19-T10-008 RR-West Marilyn Bossert en
AGM19-T10-008 RR-West Marilyn Bossert fr
AGM19-T11-001 Executive Resolutions
AGM19-T11-002 Member Resolutions
AGM19-T11-003 Procedureal Resolutions
AGM19-T12-001 Corporate Documents en
AGM19-T12-001 Corporate Documents fr
AGM19-T12-002 Bourinot’s Rules at a Glance en
AGM19-T12-002 Bourinot’s Rules at a Glance fr
AGM19-T12-003 AC Presidents and GS
AGM19-T12-004 Editors and Webmasters
AGM19-T12-005- Resolution Form
AGM19-T12-006 AGM Evaluation Form en
AGM19-T12-006 AGM Evaluation Form fr

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