A Universal Pharmacare Program

ACER-CART believes that access to adequate medication is an essential component of a national health care program.

ACER-CART urges the next federal government convene a meeting of the Ministers of Health to seek to mediate a consensus among the provinces and territories to work together and to offer a willingness to accept the authority from them to act on their behalf to establish a regulatory agency so that the price of generics is stabilized across Canada, resulting in substantial savings to provincial and territorial governments and to patients.

“The implementation of a universal pharmacare program, based on a first-dollar coverage, set up conjointly with a national formulary and a bulk purchasing alliance for generics…could achieve a savings of $ 2.7 billion in prescription drugs per year while allowing equal drug access and improved health for all Canadians.”

Marc-André Gagnon, (PhD), Carlton University
“A Roadmap to a Rational Pharmacare Policy” 2014